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The process of getting scheduled with a therapist is simple! The first step is to request a session by phone or on this website. Once you request a session, you will receive an email from our team with the appropriate form to complete. After we receive your completed form, we will get the necessary information and get you on your therapist's schedule. That's it!

You'll receive one of two forms based on what you share when requesting a session. If you would like to use your insurance to assist with payment for their sessions, you will receive the appropriate form. Once the staff has your information, we will contact your insurance company to find out if you have a copay and any limits to your visitation. Some individuals will not have a copay, and others will not have any visitation limits. It is possible that you may have both.

We will only get access to this information once we reach out to your insurance company after you have completed the form.

Some insurance companies require a referral from your Primary Care Physician (PCP). Not everyone will need a referral. Our staff will only find out this information after contacting your insurance company.


You will receive the appropriate form if you are a self-pay client (paying out of pocket). Once you complete the form, you will be able to move forward with being placed on one of the therapist's schedules.

Once you and the therapist choose a date and time that works for you both, you will receive an invoice. You will also receive consent forms and a welcome email from our platform.

All these things will need to be completed before your initial session for the session to occur. 

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